Basic Shanon Art Techniques For Beginners

Shanon art technique entails painting. It revolves around classes whereby you undergo drawing lessons to acquaint yourself with the essential art skills. If you have an interest in art performing and you are unaware of the basic techniques to get you started, I got you covered. Below are basic Shanon art techniques for beginners.

1.    Practice on how to do hatching

Hatching is the most basic art and involves making tiny marks which are parallel to each other. You will observe that at some point, you will have darker areas as well as highlights according to how close you will draw the lines. It is a technique that guides you, especially when you are a beginner in Shanon artwork.

2.    Scribble technique

It is a technique that will allow you to perform across the page. Here, you will make moves in the page with your pencil randomly without making any precise marks. If you are interested with a darker Shanon art, then scrawl over a specified area more and vice versa when you want a lighter area.

3.    Stippling technique

Many people will love it since it involves making countless tiny dots on a piece of paper. You will observe that the more you concentrate the dots at one point, the darker your drawing will be. Beginners should practice this more often since it is easy and requires less thinking.

4.    The back and forth technique

It is a basic Shanon art technique that requires beginners to make back and forth moves of their drawing utensils across the entire piece of paper. You are required to make even moves with different motions. Also, apply pressure to areas you want to appear darkened.

5.    Perform the blending technique

The blending technique in Shanon art requires you to use more than one color tone. Here, you can use a pencil, powdered graphite or charcoal, whereby you will blend the desired two products. By use of a paintbrush mix them to build tone for a perfect Shanon art.

6.    Avoid smudging when performing Shanon art

Beginners are encouraged to start from the very essential step when it comes to Shanon art, which is sketching. It is a tip that works for most beginners since a sketch will give guidance on the artwork to be performed – read article on how to draw easy lessons.


For a presentable Shanon artwork, have a look at the above art techniques. All you must do is commit some ample time to curate your techniques.